Kevin Drum offers possibilities for the ultimate outcome of the Dubai Ports Deal:
  1. The full House and Senate concur and then George Bush backs down from his promise to veto any attempt to kill the deal. This could be facilitated by some kind of "new information" that Bush claims to have been previously unaware of.

  2. Bush vetoes the bill and Congress overrides. Bush is humiliated.

  3. Congressional leaders manage to fudge the issue in such a way that Bush can sign the bill while still pretending to stick to his guns. Since Dems will fight this, Republicans would have to be almost 100% united to pull it off

My money is on a fourth option. All of Kevin's choices involve a political loss for the President, and god knows that the powers that be wouldn't allow that. It seems likely that the Administration will invent some gambit whereby they save face entirely. What about somehow convincing Dubai Ports World to withdraw its bid to take over the US ports? I'm sure there'll be a way for them to swing it. If there's one part of the Bush Administration that's frighteningly competent, it's the political office.

UPDATE: The Times is reporting that the UAE has agreed to divest itself of its American holdings. Big surprise.

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