Dissent in the Ranks

There's been continued insistence that given the "internal weakness of Iran," we can overthrow them with a little sustained pressure. Or rather, that we can cause the Iranian dissidents to overthrow the government for us. We've all seen the Iranian polls showing popular discontent with the theocratic government.

Granted, what follows doesn't acknowledge American Exceptionalism, but I think it's illustrative all the same. Let's play a game: Imagine you're you. You live in a country where 29% of the population supports the President. You live in a country where just 22% approve of the job the legislature is doing. Where there's growing disparity between the rich elites and the pinched middle and lower classes. Where the populace is allowed almost open access to firearms. Now imagine China bombing something that is ours, and killing our brothers and sisters. "Let's overthrow the government" is not the reaction I would expect.

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