Hussein is Dead

Saddam Hussein has been executed for the slayings of 148 Shiites. Notice that he wasn't tried for the massive war crimes he committed against the Iranians, or the war crime of "using chemical weapons against his own people," the Kurds. Notice, also, that Hussein was executed on the Eve or early morning of a Muslim Holy Day which the Sunnis and Shiites celebrate at different times - this was the Eve of the Sunni Eid al-Adha, or Feast of the Sacrifice.

For those unfamiliar with Islamic Holidays, get with the program! Haven't you heard that Muslim Armies are going to sweep the globe and force us all to live under Sharia Law? I'm already living in fear and starting to mark my calendar with important dates! Anyway, the Eid is the celebration of the day that Abraham, father of the Muslim tradition, showed his willingness to kill his son at God's request. It is a profound celebration of sacrifice. Doesn't that seem like the absolutely perfect day to martyr a madman?

Ghoulish Video Addendum: Does Fox News have to be so creepy?

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