We Do Not Torture

My God. This is from Harpers:
The exact circumstances surrounding the dealings between Haynes and Yoo that led to the development of this memorandum are unclear. However, it is clear that Haynes had previously authorized the use of the torture techniques, and had secured an order from Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld authorizing them.

Following the implementation of these techniques, more than 108 detainees died in detention. In a large number of these cases, the deaths have been ruled a homicide and connected to torture. These homicides were a forseeable consequence of the advice that Haynes and Yoo gave.
That's a lot of accidental murder for a country that does not torture.

Rehabilitating America as a brand will be one of Barack Obama's greatest tasks. Our moral authority is not important as some sort of platonic ideal we should strive to meet - its loss has real strategic consequences. In a Global Counterinsurgency, being the Shining City is by far your most powerful weapon.

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