Smooth Sailing in the New World

So, +21 in the House, +7 in the Senate. Not a bad haul, after 8 years of Republican rule, favoring the richest amongst us at the middle class' expense. Who would have thought the Permanent Republican Majority - built from fears of terrorism and politicization of the DOJ - would end up discrediting the Republican Brand so thoroughly? Supply Side Economics lays in the wastebasket of discarded ideas, and Drill Baby Drill is almost as dead.  When we get the final stake through that one, it'll be a good day for humanity.

There are two Senate races still outstanding - The First Senate Felon looks like he'll pull off re-election in Alaska, home of the voters that elected Sarah Palin. The Minnesota Senate race is still in recount mode, but the early indications are favorable for the Republican, despite his recent ethics cloud.  Still, I'll keep my fingers crossed on both of these...  I'd love to see the GOP's collective head explode by having to deal with the man that wrote a book titled "Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot."

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