I Thought the GOP had Us "Right Where They Want Us"

As you may know, yesterday was the NY-20 Special Election to replace the Member that had been elevated to Clinton's old Senate seat. The selection of NY-20's Gilbrand raised some eyebrows since it is a conservative district, with a 70,000 voter advantage for the GOP. It would not be easy to retain the seat, and for those of us concerned with the efficacy of the majority, that didn't seem like the best idea. Not catastrophic either, mind you, since the size of the House majority is so much less important than in the Senate, but still disappointing. I imagined the GOP going all-in, spending money like crazy in an attempt to use a win to create a media narrative of changing momentum in the Republican's favor. It wouldn't have been terribly true, given the burgundy hue of the district, but when enough people are shouting things in lockstep it becomes what the media must talk about.

Well, the results are in. The GOP had us by 70,000+ voters, and doubled our spending, but the Democrat won*.

*The absentees have yet to be counted, and it's less than 100 votes separating him from his opponent. This could go either way, but the GOP narrative is dead.


Anonymous said...

Team Elephant does not have the socialists "right where they want them". We're unfortunately a long way from that scenario.

But until then, we can laugh at lefties who title their blog with the punch line "laughing at Republicans bowing to their King" when it is, in fact, The One that ended up bowing to a Saudi Arabian king.

Kepler said...

How droll. :)

Of course, the subtitle of the blog is a reference to the fact that Republicans had a King of their own - a man with unchecked authority who was above the laws of criminality applied to normal citizens. Read about the Unitary Executive Theory, and its implementation resulting in illegal surveillance of Americans and Torture of our enemies.