Shimkus Expands on his Theological lack of fear

My God, Rep. Shimkus is an idiot. Local news gave him an extended interview about his theological views, and how they bear on policy. Here's the video:


And here is a breif response to his core points:

"The climate change debate is based on the premise that the earth is going to be destroyed."


"When the end times come, that'll be at God's hand, it's not going to be based on some faulty premise of carbon monoxide melting all the glaciers and flooding the earth. Of course, that's the genesis story."


"Even if you believe in evolution, the climate has changed through history and it's going to continue. To think that man can control the world's temperature, I find very arrogant."


"All we're asking for is the scientific theory to be presented - and it *is* just a theory. A theory is defined as an educated guess, and until they do that, it is not proven."


I'll leave the explanations of idiocy as an exercise for the reader.

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JimGa said...

You might find this interesting...


Of course the judge was incorrect on this ruling. After all, faith is a belief held without evidence, and global doom and gloomers have mountains of 'evidence'. On the other hand making the point that the enviro-nazis hold their beliefs as if they were scripture is not a hard argument to make.