re: Palin - From a Jew

I thought Sarah Palin's "blood libel" comment was crude and stupid. And I understand that many found it offensive, though I can't say I was really offended in any personal way. The truth is very few things actually offend me. But this actually did. The Washington Times says that the reaction to Palin is part of an "ongoing pogrom" against conservatives in America.

That strikes me as offensive and even disgusting.

I really don't know what's with this people.

You and me both, Brother.


JimGa said...

Blood Libel, generically speaking, means to be falsely accused blood on their hands. Please explain how she was not falsely accused of complicity in the Arizona shootings. Of course the 'over-the-top' hyperbole involved here is dumb, but the basic idea could be supported.

Anonymous said...

Adding the word pogrom to the "blood libel" makes it all the more explicitly an invocation of anti semitism. Last i checked, no one has announced a pogrom or holocaust vs Palin.

JimGa said...


this is one of the things i was talking about with you on the phone. Read the whole article. If the last bit doesn't bother you then frankly nothing will.

JimGa said...


Something to chew on. This is what I've been saying all along. Maybe FDR wasn't a total idiot.

JimGa said...


FYI. I know you, or any other sane person, would not condone this.

JimGa said...

This stuff is about two things: who the president is talking to and who he isn't. Makes you wonder who is running the show.