Republicans Don't Have Real Principles, Ctd.

Making a Note of it - Kevin Drum's intro, but click the link to read the whole thing.
From Tim Pawlenty, possibly the most boring person ever to be considered a front runner for a presidential nomination:
Anybody who’s going to run for this office who’s been in an executive position, or may run, has got some clunkers in their record. Laura, mine I think are fewer and less severe than most. As to climate change, or more specifically cap-and-trade, I’ve just come out and admitted it — look, it was a mistake, it was stupid....Everybody in the race, well at least the big names in the race, embraced climate change or cap-and-trade at one point or another. Every one of us.
That's true. And then, suddenly, every one of them didn't. Why is that?
One possibility is that they just like taking stands that piss off liberals. But opposing cap-and-trade would have pissed off liberals four years ago and they didn't do it then. So what changed?

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