Security in Baghdad

More stark stories about the effective security the Iraqis are experiencing while the emergency security lockdown of Baghdad is taking place. Take note that these emergency security measures have been in place since June 14.
Iraqis, especially in Baghdad, live in an atmosphere where they calculate risk vs. reward, on even the simplest day-to-day tasks, like grocery shopping or going to the bank.

On Sunday, a suicide bomber drove his vehicle into the middle of one of Baghdad's largest markets, claiming the lives of at least 32 Iraqi civilians, reinforcing the reality that no one is safe.

As the summer heat pounds, life in the capital is suffocating. The government's security plan has done little more than cause more traffic jams at checkpoints.

Yup. That's the security initiative for you. Terrible. Once again, imagine living under such conditions. Having to weigh risk vs reward on going to the grocery store would quickly change the deep texture of your reality. Factor in spotty water, power, sewage, gas, and just about every other infrastructure-dependent amenity in modern life, and your average westerner would be reaching for the AK.

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