Reasons for Blogging

The incomparable Firedoglake offers advice on how to build a successful blog.

Excellent advice, I'm sure. However, I'm not interested in those goals. I do this for other reasons. My drive is mostly bound up in a pure enjoyment I have for the writing itself, and the homologous desire to improve the skill. Really, at the heart of it is my delight in using my brain for thinking about tangly things, because it's fun, I'm good at it, and this way I get to put my money where my mouth is with predictions and the like. Of course, I also enjoy being part of the movement, and translating these intellectual gymnastics into real world change - mostly through voter registration. What I am not looking for is to turn this blog into my job, or even any form of revenue source. That would tie me down to a regular update schedule, and my life is too incredible for something like that.

As you may notice, none of those goals necessitate self-identification, hence the anonymity. Keep it that way. :)

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Anonymous said...

f your name be known if this site would not be flooded.

You are something else.

An exceptional character to be sure.

AND what an unusual combination to have a heart with such a great mind.

It is a pleasure to know you as i do.