Vacations Bring the Cheney

Remember the Iraqi government's planned vacation that has been causing so much anger back here in the States? Well, I nearly called it by saying we would have to send an enforcer to make an offer they couldn't refuse. If only I had guessed it would be the scariest guy in the Administration, Dick Cheney.
Vice President Dick Cheney’s surprise trip to Baghdad today was meant to deliver a tough message to the Iraqi government – put off your vacation plans and get back to work.

U.S. officials have been livid since discovering that Iraq’s fledgling parliament – hardly a hive of activity in the first place – was planning to take a two-month summer recess, postponing work on a bill spelling out how oil money would be shared among Iraq’s ethnic and sectarian groups or a law authorizing new regional elections.

Bam. Now let's see just how seriously this government takes its sovereignty.

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