Petraeus' 3 Year Old Report

Right before Bush's reelection, Gen. Petraeus wrote an Op-Ed about the "tangible," real progress we were making in Iraq. Remember, at the time, Petraeus was in charge of training the Iraqi troops to accomplish our "Stand Up/Stand Down" strategy. 2005, you remember, was the Year of the Police, training them to replace us, and it absolutely flopped. In fact, it was in large part our training and equipping of these worthless, thoroughly sectarian forces that gave rise to the spike in violence we saw after the bombing of the Golden Dome. We armed and trained many tens of thousands of policemen who just stopped showing up, and General Petraeus was in charge.

I happened upon The Young Turks take on it:

It's the same happy talk we've always gotten from President Bush's generals. They know that if they don't say what the boss wants them to say, they wont be around much longer. There are many examples of this happening, despite the fact that President Bush says he's a Commander Guy. Bush tarnishes these noble generals' credibility because he has none of his own left.

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