McCain Catchup

While Obama's been on his foreign extravaganza, McCain has been getting into a lot of trouble. I don't have time for everything, but a couple of them stood out:
The first plays to McCain's forgetfulness, and the second helps rebut the lies that the Republicans are spilling about how safe coastal oil drilling has become.

Interestingly, the thing the McCain campaign has been pushing these last few days has been the purported media love affair with Obama. He says they've been paying attention preferentially to Obama, but Obama's the one that's been out there making news. Not standing in front of a Sausage Haus, Fudge Haus, or Dairy Delight Cheese Aisle, but real news. In this crisis of irrelevance, an opportunity presented itself to McCain. McCain should have shouted "damn the torpedoes" and went to the oil rig anyway to ride out the storm. That would have been news, and it would have supported into his "oil drilling is so safe" deception nicely. Oh well. Opportunity missed.

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