McCain the Liar

This is another nicely compiled list of McCain's recent foibles. I had been calling them instances of forgetfulness, or perhaps confusion, and thinking that was harsh enough. But with the recent profusion of them, it's becoming clear that his age is no longer the likely explanation. He is now far down the path of being a likely prevaricator rather than a well-meaning straight talker that's just past his prime.

And that is just off the top of my head and a quick search.

So let’s start calling him what he is. A full on liar. Not only "forgetful", not only "misinterpreted", not only "misquoted", not only mean-spirited and stretching the truth.

That's what it's looking like more and more. Poor McCain. His legacy was a good one, and the Rovians have dragged him into the intellectual and moral mud.

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