Democrats Beatdown Pay Discrimination

Our conservative Supreme Court (7 of 9 are Republicans) says it's fine for an employer to discriminate against women so long as the woman doesn't find out.  Sounds like Bush Administration thinking to me! What an odious decision that was - truly, one of the great outrages of the last few years.

So who can you count on to fight for the rights of women, and equal rights for all?  The Democrats, of course. Now that we've got a Democratic President who wont just veto the bill, the Democrats in the Senate (and the 4 Republican women Senators) have voted to pass the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act.  Not a single male Republican joined in the vote.

McClatchy says this will be one of the first bills Obama will sign into law. That makes me feel good. This is a gigantic injustice that he will right with the swipe of a pen.

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