Quantum Entanglement and the Diaspora

For my readers that know some quantum mechanics, Quantum Teleportation has been something for which we've been waiting.  For a few years we've been making incremental progress, demonstrating quantum entanglement at first minuscule, then slowly increasing small distances.  It looks like there's been a breakthrough, with information teleportation range of over a meter in the lab! Time Magazine has the layman's explanation.

Now, in order for the technology to be truly useful, we need to find some way to take these two entangled particles, isolate them in movable storage containers, and take one to the other end of the galaxy.  Hey-presto, an intergalactic modem!  No more pesky speed-of-light delays on our conversations across the globe, to low orbit, Mars, or the Local Group.

Now, couple that faster-than-light technology with a digitally encoded image of our consciousness, and you can go to sleep in Chicago and wake up in Betelgeuse, moments later.  What a wonderful world it will be.

My goal in life is to make enough money to insure that when the tech becomes available at a high price in my middle age, I have enough to guarantee my immortality.  Now that's a retirement plan.

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