Abiogenesis, Here We Come!

Things are looking better and better for abiogenesis in the lab.
Having assembled RNA in the lab from a mixture that resembles what was likely the primordial soup. 'Until now,' Science News reports, 'scientists couldn't figure out the chemical reactions that created the earliest RNA molecules.' The new work started the RNA assembly chemistry from a different angle than what earlier work had tried.
So there's the basic building block of life, RNA, demystified. God's hand was not required, I'm afraid.


JimGa said...

Why is it that for science wonks like you is it so important to disprove God? I read a quote somewhere that I will paraphrase:

" there are two types of people, those who think everything in a miracle and those who think nothing is a miracle"

Easy to see which camp you fall into.

For the record though, this in no way proves or disproves anything.

JimGa said...

Here's a quote by someone I'm guessing you admire...

"The chief aim of all investigations of the
external world should be to discover
the rational order and harmony which
has been imposed on it by God."

-Johannes Kepler

Kepler said...

Damnit all... I had a masterful reply that I don't feel like reproducing.

In any case, the basic point is that this post does nothing to disprove the existence of God, it merely demonstrates that God wasn't required for life to have developed in the universe.

Therefore, the Kepler quote does not apply. God's glory is not threatened, as one can believe that God set up the system which lead to the natural formation of life. Still not a bad day's work for God.