CIA DOES, in fact, Lie on Occassion

Pelosi says the CIA sometimes misleads Congress. Republicans freak out. Bob Graham asks the CIA to use the same documents that prove Pelosi is wrong to tell him how many times he was briefed on the subject. They respond with a number that is two too high, and he can prove it.

Fallows on the Graham:
Part of the payoff of reaching age 72 and having spent 38 years in public office, as Graham has, is that people have had a chance to judge your reputation. Graham has a general reputation for honesty....If he says he never got the briefing, he didn't. And if the CIA or anyone acting on its behalf challenges him, they are stupid and incompetent as well as being untrustworthy. This doesn't prove that the accounts of briefing Pelosi are also inaccurate. But it shifts the burden of proof.
Yeah, no kidding.

Add that to the fact that the Republicans Hoekstra says they lied to him about a separate issue, and this outrage starts to look pretty standard for the right, in that it is manufactured.

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