Generals Recognize Insanity When They See It

General Barry McCaffery on Meet the Press this past Sunday, talking about the possibility of military action against Iranian nuclear sites:
The notion that we can threaten them with conventional air attack is simply insane. First of all, we're more vulnerable than they are to having the Persian Gulf closed, to having 130,000 troops 400 kilometers up into Iraq with a Shia population on our supply lines. Nevermind our allies who I think are terrified by this, you know, the notion that we would use air power to go after 70 some odd nuclear sites.
The answer on this one is build alliances, do aggressive diplomacy, and stop threatening military action.
The emphasis was in his voice, by the way.

It looks like the military planners - the ones wearing the uniforms, who I have always respected and whose competance has never been in question - have got the strategic implications of war with Iran figured nicely. Either that, or they read this blog to get all their inspired analysis.

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