Worst Orders EVER

You've got to be kidding me. Apparently the DoD mucky-mucks sometimes give orders to their inferiors in the form of PowerPoint slides rather than the old style "action plans" or even "fragmentary plans." Yes, instead of an actual, gamed-out battle plan, the Department of Defense staff feel that mission statements and shiny graphics should do nicely in areas where specificity is difficult. You'll be floored by this example (click for larger):
Now we know why our Iraq strategy has been so Foobar from the beginning! We've been relying on people having to interpret that dreck into specific orders. Talk about the ultimate abdication of responsibility! "I did too have a plan for the post-war peace. You just didn't synergize the workflow to avoid sectarian incompatibilities like I outlined in my PowerPoint orders! Not my fault!"

Heaven help us.

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DowningStreetMemo said...

Ah-So; this explains much. OBVIOUSLY, our current problems stem from not implementing this brilliant plan with exacting enough attention to detail. Any fool can see that the Military Presence *Star* is part of Phase III Activity which is clearly delimited by the Military Victory Acheived line, which, of course, happenned back in 2003 on an aircraft carrier somewhere off the California coast. If we'd only withdrawn our troops before the flower petals settled in the sand, everything could have progressed according to plan..