Obligatory Anti-Incumbent Post

I was gladdened by the election results this Tuesday. Both of my personal targets went down to defeat, which admittedly is not exactly a pop-the-cork moment, but is still satisfying. McKinney lost in Georgia, and Lieberman lost in Connecticut. McKinney was everyone's favorite whipping-girl, so that came as no surprise. Joe's loss in Connecticut, however, seemed like a real long-shot at first.

I wasn't opposed to Lieberman because of his stance on the Iraq War, although his divorced from reality view is problematic. If Lieberman's fantasy-world position on Iraq was my beef, then there are plenty of other Democrats deserving of primary attempts, and you wont hear me clamoring for more challenges. No, the problem is Joe's misguided "bipartisanship."

When you are in the Minority, defense of your own party is paramount. Instead, over and over again Joe Lieberman would savage his own party, bordering on the rhetoric used in the vilest of Republican attacks. Opposing a war that has manifestly hurt American security does not make me "soft on terrorism," Joe, and saying so raised my ire considerably. "Undermining the President's credibility" is not something the Democrats did, but something that President Bush himself did by taking us to war on false intelligence and without a post-war plan. Stating that Democrats who are critical of President Bush on the War "do so at our nation's peril" is a direct attack on the patriotism of those Democrats, and that simply cannot brook that from a member of the Party. I'm glad he's gone. Now he can do all the sniping he likes from the sidelines as an Independent. The Democrats are now united in their belief about and message on the Iraq War.

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