Bush's Presser on North Korean Nukes

I'm watching Bush's press conference, and amongst the many interesting topics, the North Korean nuclear test deserves the most play. In defense of his patented "Stand By and Do Nothing while the Norks get Nukes" strategy, he keeps referencing the September 2005 "Joint Statement" Agreement which the "North Korean's abandoned."
And frankly I was quite optimistic that we had succeeded last September when we had this joint statement which... you [in the press] adequately covered. And yet he walked away from it. He decided well maybe his word doesn't mean anything.
But Bush only pays attention to Article 1 of the September Agreement. No heed is paid to Article 2, which stipulates nonaggression against the North Korean regime, food and economic aid, and an increased normalization of relations between the US, Japan, and North Korea. Needless to say, by declaring North Korea a criminal regime and instituting sanctions, only 2 months after the agreement was signed, North Korea feels that America violated this Second Accord - before the North Korean's broke Article 1 by continuing their nuclear program. They have a legitimate claim that we violated that agreement, giving them rhetorical cover for this obvious act of provocation. It is one more instance that illustrates this Administration's constant attempt to steer situation towards crisis and conflagration. A wise strategy, indeed, since within every crisis is "opportunity." Excuse me while I gag on the cliche. How much of Bush's "opportunity" can the world take?

He also reiterates that he considers "all options available" to him in response to questions about the possible use of military force. Please. There is no prospect for military action against North Korea. We are not in the business of starting fights we know we will lose. Plus, with air power - the only option even the most feverish of war supporters consider - what do we hit? What target? The last time the North's nuclear stockpile was in one place was back when they gave us the bird in 2003.

Ha! President Bush just said, "We don't shift our goals." Yes... even when Iran and North Korea march their programs forward, were warned again and again that there is a red line they cannot cross, our goals do no shift. The remaining members of the Axis of Evil were warned that pursuing nuclear weapons "was unacceptable to America." Yet, have they slowed? Have there been the dire consequences for their actions that our leaders have threatened? How is the current round of rhetoric any different than the others? Why should their fear it? Line after line has been crossed, and we are entirely powerless to put bite to our bark.

We look like impotent fools, thanks to Bush's failed policy. But then again, at least we aren't trying to "negotiate with evil"... we're just letting "evil" walk all over us.

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