The Transformation of a Maverick

Look what running for the Republican Nomination has done to poor John McCain.

After this series of flips and gaffes, how can they talk about Obama thinking there are 57 states seriously? He was joking, people. Listen to the tone of his voice. Look at the wry smile. Listen to the laughter in the room:

That's right, the Constitutional Law Professor is so dumb or gaffe-prone he doesn't know how many states there are. Please.

This is Rovian Strategy being played out: attack your opponent's strength. Obama is eloquent, politically brave, and bipartisan to the bone, so they say he's a gaffe-machine who dodges the politically inconvenient issues and has "never worked across the isle." The GOP knows that simply be repeating it, a strikingly large percentage of Americans will believe it, and the Press will not stand up and evaluate the falseness of their claims - cuz that would be liberal of them. Remember, 70% of Americans believed Saddam was personally responsible for 9/11.

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