"Suck. On. This." Why We Went to War

One of the most important pro-war voices in the lead-up to Iraq was Tom Friedman, whose insecurity, bravado, and profound stupidity characterizes a certain class of war-supporters perfectly. His position was magnified since he was a "liberal" supporting the war. The last 30 seconds of this is simply amazing:

That is moral leperhood of the highest order. We invaded and killed hundreds of thousands of innocents so that Tommy could feel like we were showing those Arabs who's boss, in order to decrease terrorism. That's right. "Kill innocents to decrease terrorism" is the equation that makes sense to him. This stunning insight is provided by one of journalism's leading "intellectuals."

The stupidity of these "experienced" voices was appalling, and plain to see for those of us not terrified that an Al Qaeda army was going to invade and make us all wear burkas. "We hit Iraq because we could..." The stains on Mr. Friedman's soul aren't coming off in this lifetime.

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