Boortz Call Notes - Impeachment

I was able to get almost all of this on the air:

I had an idea over the weekend that's just a doozy, Uncle Neal. Not only will it defend our constitution from what George Will - my favorite conservative voice - called Monarchical Powers! The powers of a King! The most unAmerican thing you can imagine! Not only will it defend our constitution, but it presents the only path to victory I can see for the Republicans. That path is having the Republicans impeach President Bush.

Now Neal, I know what you're thinking, and I just urge you to give this some serious thought. This is a crossroads for our constitution. Love it and take advantage of your podium.
  1. Mr. 25% is hated around the country - repudiation of him would help you IMMENSELY
  2. You actually put principle above Party for once
  3. Defend the Constitution
  4. Hilary would hate it - Pelosi the first female president.
What to impeach for:
  1. Lying to the people about the Iraq War - he said things that were contradicted by intelligence. CIA told him the sources were untrustworthy - Newsweek on June 11th
  2. Commissioning felonies - FISA - admitted to this on the White House Lawn
  3. Ignoring Habeas Corpus - an 800 year tradition -Al Marri - AP, May 24
  4. Obstructing Justice - pardoning someone to keep them from talking - selective leaking of classified NIE -> Valerie Plame (proven covert Mar 16th, 2007)
George Will, always my favorite voice out there, called these powers Monarchical! The powers of a King!

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