Limbaugh Makes a Career of Lyinig

I'm glad Media Matters caught this for me.  I heard Limbaugh raging furiously on the air the other day, and this was the centerpiece of the segment:
LIMBAUGH: It's in the stimulus package that they get the bonuses. That's what they're now going to go in and try to change. "AIG stands for Arrogance, Incompetence, and Greed" -- yeah, and you people bailed them out. And let's remember one thing, folks, while we go forward: Not one Republican voted for this bailout. Remember way back in the fall, not one Republican voted for the TARP bailout? And this was why.

And let's never forget what we were told back then: If we didn't do this, the country was finished. If we didn't pass this law and bail out these banks, it was over. We didn't have a day to make this decision. We didn't have a half-day. We didn't have 24 hours. Not one Republican voted for it the first time around. This is why.
Of course, that's not close to true. 65 House Republicans voted for it the first time, and 91 did the second time.

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