Obama Needs a Teleprompter?

For those who say that Obama can only speak with a teleprompter, here's a link to him answering questions from the Business Forum held this week. These are technical economic questions from business leaders. He does more than fine without the teleprompter, and it's remarkable just how much the corporate class adores the guy.  They practically fawn.

Just ask yourself, how many of you could reliably make every point you wanted to when speaking publicly? When you're making an argument about consequential things, it's prudent to speak in a prepared manner - not just from the cuff.  Hence the teleprompter for speeches and extended remarks, and the no-teleprompter for questions.  Duh.

Finally, don't you think it's just a tad too rich for Republicans to complain about a President not having godlike English abilities? After eight years of Bush? Really?


Jim Ga said...

Make up your own mind:


And by the way, Bush isn't president anymore. Just how much milage do you think you can get by you (meaning the left) continually bashing him? Obama is his own man and what he does either does or does not stand up to scrutiny, regardless of what Bush did.

Kepler said...

Does he do well without one or not? Just because he uses one for all of his prepared remarks isn't a sin of ineptitude so long as he rocks the house without one - which he does.

Jim Ga said...

Obama 'rocks the house'? Obama is 'cool'? Really, we must talk about this cult of personality that going on.

And I've seen several clips of some of his free form oratory skill, and they weren't flattering.
Its veru easy to google them. You should try it.

Jim Ga said...

Its also very easy to spell 'very' too. Darn, i really should proffread my stuff before posting.

Jim Ga said...

that was a joke, in case you didn't catch it. lol

Kepler said...

When someone speaks literally millions of public words, it is very easy to assemble clips of that person stumbling. Also, it's in Obama's nature to be cautious, leading him to choose his words carefully.

But to say he needs a teleprompter should be to say that he cannot do well without one. That's demonstrably false.

And again, talk about projection on the cult-of-personality stuff. What matters is our actions. Do we hold Obama accountable? So far, we're doing well.