Militias Sharp Uptick

The great state of Missouri has noticed an uptick in militia activity, and they've released a report for the education of police officers on potential threats and how best to deal cautiously with suspected militia members.

It should go without saying, of course, that profiling isn't fair to the larger group being profiled. I know there are plenty of Alex Jones-listening, Ron Paul-Supporting Whiteys out there that are no threat to anyone. But according to people who should know we are seeing a marked uptick in militia activity in the great middle of the country, and some of those people are dangerous. Remember, prior to 9/11 the biggest terrorist attack in American history was perpetrated by these people.

For a third-party example, just look at the Palestinians. The peaceful parts of that population suffer from the profiling required by the actions of the extremist few.

I wonder how long Boortz will support profiling when it starts inconveniencing his listeners.

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