Harman for Intel Chair?

I've heard there's growing contention over who will become the chair of the House Intel Committee in the new House session. Alcee Hastings is said to be under consideration for the spot by Pelosi, passing over Jane Harman, who is the current ranking member. This would go against one of the 9/11 commission recommendations, a fact which is dwarfed by the public history of the putative replacement, Alcee Hastings. An impeached judge? To head the Intel Committee? Please. Pelosi can't think that is a good idea. This must be a play to get someone else in, who will seem like an angel in comparison. Either she's doing that, or it's Bernie Kerik time! Let's cross our fingers, shall we?

As for Harman, I will admit that I liked her at one time, despite her general conservativeness. For instance, she called for the release of the full Iraq War National Intelligence Estimate, which tickled me. But we mustn't forget that she made those absolutely devastating comments about the NSA Domestic Spying case (which is a domestic spying case, by the way - surveillance is done on US citizens, inside the US - exactly what FISA criminalized). She supported the program, and I believe she went so far as to vouch for its legality. That really helped galvanize our side of the argument, Jane. Thanks.

So I'm with Pelosi. Let's choose someone other than Harman for the Chair of the Intel Committee.

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