1/2 Hour Crap Hour

Oh my god in heaven! This may be one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen. This is conservatives attempt at humor!

Oooooh! This one includes a President Limbaugh (not a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, no matter how many people tell the lie with you) and VP Coulter. Wow. Good god, this deserves a fisking... maybe I'll get around to that.


Diamond Dog said...

Heh, few of those parodied ever seem to get the joke.

Kepler said...

Granted, but you can't tell me that was a worthy performance.

Diamond Dog said...

Its was terrible. Most community theaters have better acting than this. But i took your post to going twards content, not quality. Bare in mind, we conservatives have had to put up with years of hammy, heavy-handed stuff like this. I particularly remember a skit on SNL with kevin Nealand playing Bob Dole, stripping to the song "low rider" while licking provocatively a photo of Rush.

If that made you smile, like I know it did, then my point of liberals not being accepting of humor at their expense while expecting the tolerence from others, is made.