Chlorine Attacks in Iraq

Chemical Weapon attacks are now taking place in Baghdad, thanks to the fact that chlorine is everywhere in a reasonably modern society. Thank god Curt Weldon and Rick Santorum are out of Congress, or they'd be saying the chlorine in these tankers are the WMDs we invaded Iraq to find:
A truck bomb that combined explosives with chlorine gas blew up in southern Baghdad on Wednesday, and officials said it might represent a new and deadly tactic by insurgents against Iraqi civilians.

It was at least the third truck bomb in a month to employ chlorine, a greenish gas also used in World War I, which burns the skin and can be fatal after only a few concentrated breaths. The bomb killed at least two people and wounded 32 others, many of them sent to hospitals coughing and wheezing, police and medical officials said.

Insurgents have shifted tactics to focus on helicopters, and on Wednesday one group forced down an American Black Hawk helicopter, the eighth such incident since Jan. 20. Roadside bombs have been adapted to punch through heavily armored Humvees. Attacks on Americans also now include coordinated assaults from multiple locations, with a mix of weapons and in at least one case, counterfeit American uniforms and vehicles.
I predicted this type of attack here, so I get a chance to use this:


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Diamond Dog said...

Wow, you called this? Amazing. Let me ask, will sand be involved?

Seriously, I don't mean to disrespect you on your site, but correct me if I'm wrong. Haven't chemical and biological warfare been around since ancient days? If terrorists are trying to get nukes, wouldn't follow that they would do something like this? I'm suprised it took them so long.