O'Reilly: What a Tool.

Oprah had Bill O'Reilly on her show to talk about pedophiles and people who abduct children. Oprah, of all people, who should know better.

Here is video of Bill-O questioning whether or not Shawn Hornbeck just preferred to live with his captor, rather than living with his parentsm, having to abide by rules and go to school. Never mind the forced sodomy, no no! That's a small price to pay for being able to avoid the evil Department of Education! I hear they're more dangerous than Al Qaeda, after all (oh, Boortz, how you disappoint me)!

It was these statements that got O'Reilly uninvited from speaking at the National Convention for Missing Kids. You'd think it would be enough to keep him from being brought on Oprah's show as a self-righteous advocate for abducted children.

Finally, here's the video of Bill-O's performance on Oprah. What a bloviating idiot. My god. The end of that first clip is just sickening given the context with Hornbeck.

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