bin Laden's GOTV Effort

Isn't it about time for a Osama bin Laden to release a video?  He's the Republican's best Get Out The Vote organization.

I wonder, do you think bin Laden knows the saying "The friend of my enemy is my enemy?"

Incidentally, McCain's campaign manager has said an attack or bin Laden video would be good for the campaign, and McCain himself, after the video released right before the 2004 election, said "Bin Laden may have just given us a little boost. Amazing, huh?"


James K said...

Misplaced hope of a positive public reaction from a negative event is not limited to Republicans...

After his presidency, Bill Clinton lamented that there hadn't been a war during his tenure because, he said, "if there had been I would have gone down as a great president."

Kepler said...

I can't find that quote anywhere. Care to provide citation?