Debate the Final!

I've never been a huge fan of Obama the Debater, preferring long uninterrupted crescendos of rhetorical beatdown.  But in this final debate I think Obama did great.  Some have said that he was on the defensive all night, but if you haven't noticed, that's just Obama.  Attacking is not something he does well.  But as long as you play defense well, in a way that plays into your narrative, defense is just fine.  He sounded reasonable and mainstream as he shot down Ayers, Baby Killers, and various distortions of his tax record.  In fact, here's McCain looking absolutely blown away by one of Obama's defenses:

You know someone at the McCain Debate Camp is catching hell for that one.

Also, after Obama brought up the calls of "terrorist and 'kill him,'" McCain went on the Ayers/Acorn attack.  Once again, it seems a little like he didn't have the bawls to bring it up without being taunted.

At the end of that clip McCain segues from Ayers/Acorn to taxes in perhaps the most jarring non sequitur I've ever seen.  I guess he's been watching the polling and knows that no one seems to care about this Ayers crap, so he doesn't have the confidence to make the attack without simultaneously minimizing its importance.  To use the word of the month, it was an erratic segue.  

Heck, even McCain thinks Obama did a "God job.  Good jobgoodjob... Good Job."

Score another for Obama.

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