Boortz Call Notes - Fail x2!

Here are my notes for a call to Neal Boortz call I've been trying and failing to get on the air.  I restructure it each time, but I only ever get a few of sentences into it before being muted and kicked off the air.  Last time he disputed the value of examining my associations by saying the business I owned was probably a ghetto crabshack.  So this time, I tried to provide a couple of sentences of resume first.  He called me boring and threw me off the air.  Oy.  I'll get it out there eventually.

Subject for Screener: the Ayers attack is unfair

Howdy Neal! I can't WAIT to get your thoughts on this.

Now last time I tried to make this point, you called me a crabshack owner and kicked me off the air. So allow me just two sentences of preface: I am the owner of a IT security corporation that does work with small and medium businesses. I'm not a millionaire, but I DO meet a payroll. I have hundreds and hundreds of associations, and one in particular is instructive in the Ayers case.

One of my first big clients, a guy named John, was the owner of a civil engineering firm, and a retired army ranger. They were VERY successful, and I made a LOT of money from John. We've had dinner! He's given me gifts!

Now should I have vetted this guy John before I started doing business with him, becoming friendly in the process? Cuz guess what? It turns out this successful former army ranger had been a cocaine trafficker! Who knows, maybe he's KILLED people! He's in his fifties, and got popped back when he was like 35.

Now, he's reformed now, but he's not apologetic for it. You know? He doesn't believe drug laws are valid, since its a personal choice, and that's that.

Does this association mean I am unfit for elected office? because of bad judgement?


So the fact that I didn't vet my associations is ok? I'm in my 20s, Neal. I'm a grown man! I didn't make this association when I was 8, I made it when I was a grown man. Does that disqualify my judgement from office?


Ayers has as much chance of influencing Obama as Shaqueille Oneal does of influencing McCain. Now *Phil Graham* on the other hand, is probably going to be McCain's Treasury Secretary! The guy that called us a nation of whiners for being worried about the economy! The guy that created Credit Default Swaps, the shadow banking system that created this disaster!

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