US Oil Reserves

By request.

The U.S. has less than 3% of world oil reserves.  What Obama has been saying about the US Energy situation is the truth, and those calling him liars for it don't know how to use the google.

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James K said...

Well, i know enough about goggle to know that its less than 3% PROVEN reserves that we have here in the US. That "proven" word is an important qualifier convieniently left off by obama. To be proven a site must be actually accessed and oil obtained to "prove" the site. Truth is we have more than 3% of the worlds oil, but we restrict ourselves from accessing much of it. To follow the logic of Obama, if the US never started drilling for oil in the first place we would have none of the worlds oil reserves, and that of course would be wrong and silly.

In the end does it change the jist of what Obama was saying? Well, not on the whole, no. But was it attempt to make a situation appear as something other than what it is in order to drive the point home? Probably.