Iran has Weeks to Decide

Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said in reaction to the U.S. offer on Wednesday that Tehran was open to talks on "mutual concerns,' but rejected Washington's pre-condition that it stop enriching uranium, the fuel for nuclear reactors and a vital component in atomic bombs.
Damnit, Iran. Sure, you're not doing anything illegal with your enrichment; Sure, America is in a precarious position next door; Sure, our military is badly stretched as it is; Sure, Iran's retaliatory ability is significant, but haven't you been paying attention? We've got crazy people in charge over here! There's no telling what they might do! And what does stopping enrichment for a month or two cost you? Nothing except the inconvenience to your scientists!

Damnit, it's this kind of action that makes people think that they really are interested in a nuclear weapon. And yet, the one thing that our Cowboy Commander and the Iraq War did accomplish for American foreign policy - giving us the crazed look in our eyes that says we mean business - wasn't enough to dissuade them from the course.

Nobly, the U.S. holds out hope:
"We would hope over the next several days they (Iran) would take some time and carefully consider it," [White House spokeswoman] Perino said, referring to the U.S. offer of joining multilateral negotiations.

Addendum: The word sure looks fake somehow when you type it too many times.

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