A New Breed of incompetence

Check out this story by the NYTimes. The Iraqi government didn't know how to dispose of a refinery byproduct called "Black Oil," so rather than asking people who might know how to deal with the nasty goo, they decided to pump it into some open mountain valleys and leaky reservoirs. I hear the clamor now, "But that doesn't seem like a good enough solution, " you're saying to yourself. Well, the Iraqis would have agreed with you, so they took that last critical step - going the last mile to make sure they do it right: They set it on fire.

Did I mention that the sites for this inspired environmental coup are mere miles from the Tigris? But they've got plenty of ground-water in the area, being a desert, so I'm sure they can write the Tigris off if need be. The price of progress!

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