More Party Purges?

If getting rid of Joe Leiberman showed a putative requirement for ideological purity within the Democratic Party, then what does the following exchange say about the Republican Party? This is from a State Senate primary where Governor Jeb Bush is supporting the challenger against Villalobos, a Republican. Bush has campaigned for Villalobos' opponent, writing that Villalobos "has abandoned our party's principles and lost his way." Argenziano is what I would call a fiery Villalobos supporter:
Argenziano: "The governor has a history reflecting accommodation of special interests as evidenced by the agencies' contracts, and his flexible Republicanism is at odds with both America and actual Republican principles. In his heart of hearts, the governor prefers dictatorship to democracy."

Carole Jean Jordan, Florida Republican Party chairwoman: "Personal attacksBlogger: Rational Discovery :: Create Post on the sitting governor of Florida questioning his character are far beyond the bounds of responsible dialogue. I sincerely hope that Senator Argenziano will reconsider her comments, especially in light of all that Governor Bush has done for the people of Florida and for the Republican Party."

Argenziano: "Carole Jean Jordan can kiss my ass."

That's a dust up, if I've ever seen one. (hat tip, DK)

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