Other NIE Reactions

Glenn Greenwald:
So, a recap of the Iraq war: there were never any WMDs. The proliferation of government death squads and militias in Iraq means that, compared to the Saddam era, human rights have worsened and torture has increased to record levels. Iranian influence has massively increased, as a result of a Shiite fundamentalist government loyal to Tehran replacing the former anti-Iranian regime. We've squandered hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands of lives. And we have -- according to the consensus of our own intelligence community -- directly worsened the terrorist problem with our invasion, and continue to worsen it with our ongoing occupation.
Kevin Drum:
The point of an anti-terror policy is not to look tough. The point of an anti-terror policy is to reduce terror. Republicans pretty clearly don't get this.
Of course, Rightblogistan has yet to comment. Neither RedState, nor Powerline, nor Little Green Footballs, or even Andrew Sullivan has commented on the story yet. So much for blog-speed when the news makes you look like a fool, eh?

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