A Mysterious Pseudo-NIE

So, it turns out that there are actually two NIE's. The first is the April estimate that was partially released yesterday and covers global trends in terrorism. The second is solely about Iraq and isn't going to be released until after the elections.

Ahhhh, I know this game. Cover up the intelligence community's consensus about Iraq so that the American people can make an electoral decision without being burdened by the facts. Facts are the primary enemy of the Tinkerbell Strategy for Iraq, after all.

Here's Jane Harman talking about 2nd report on Iraq alone, via TPMMuckraker.

Aside: Doesn't it go without saying that when people demand the release of a classified document, they don't mean that the government has to release all of it? It's accepted practice to redact publicly released classified documents of all "sources and methods" relevant to current intelligence activities, so why is Rush Limbaugh making a big deal about how the "Democrats want to give the terrorists our playbook?" Oh, right... he's dishonest. I always forget that.

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