Another Somalia Air Strike

We hit another target in Somalia.
For at least the second time this month, the U.S. has sent one of its heavily armed AC-130 gunships to strike what are described as suspected terrorist targets in southern Somalia, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday.

An earlier strike on Jan. 7 is thought to have killed 10 to 20 people while missing three al-Qaeda operatives targeted by the Americans. Among them was Fazul Abdullah Mohammed, who is wanted for bombing American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania nine years ago and was initially reported as killed.
If we had a different president, I would cheer. But given that we have a President that brought us the Iraq War, my thinking tends another direction. Namely, what's the difference between attacking terrorist targets inside Somalia and attacking terrorist targets inside Iran? Under the War Powers Act, the President can do as he wants for 30 days without authorization, so he could unilaterally put us at war. One morning we might wake up at war.

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