Obama's Madrassa

One of the reasons I listen to so much right-wing radio is to hear the absolute dregs of the political debate in our country. I think it's good to know what the 18 million Limbaugh listeners are thinking on any given day, so I observe. Every few weeks something really interesting happens, like Limbaugh making fun of Michael J. Fox or Hannity floating stories about Kerry's "intern problem" during the 2004 nomination contest.

Last week, in reaction to the Obama mania we've been subjected to for weeks, we started hearing the different whispers combine to create the perfect hit-piece. Obama's middle name, Hussein, and his Father's muslim heritage combined to give the public enough whiffs of Islamitude for the madrassa story to take hold. Apparently, according to the Right Wing Media, Osam- I mean Obama was educated in an Islamic Madrassa - exactly the sort of institution that teaches young muslims to hate America and engage in terrorism. On the air, over and over, it was speculated that "maybe he's still a Muslim." Maybe he's on a secret, 40 year Islamic mission to wrest control of our Presidency and use that power to spread radical Wahhabism over the globe! Hell, they had me worried. I went to bed at night praying that Jack Bauer would pay Hussein Obama a private little visit to "find out the truth." I hear Jack has ways of making people talk...

But then CNN took it upon themselves to do something called journalism, and actually went to the school in question. View the results in horror (video mirror).

Of course, it turns out that the "Madrassa" is nothing of the sort. I know you're all shocked at the lack of integrity shown by the Right Wing Media, since, you know, they're normally sooo "fair."

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