Public Support for Partisanship

Serving as a perfect followup to the Republican Whiner post below, we have these public support numbers for the

*Allowing the government to negotiate with drug companies to attempt to lower the price of prescription drugs for some senior citizens: 87/12/1

*Raising the minimum wage: 85/14/1

*Cutting interest rates on federal loans to college students: 84/15/1

*Creating an independent panel to oversee ethics in Congress: 79/19/2

*Making significant changes in U.S. policy in Iraq: 77/20/3

*Reducing the amount of influence lobbyists have in congressional decisions: 75/21/4

*Implementing all of the anti-terrorism recommendations made by the 9/11 Commission: 64/26/10

*Maintaining the current Social Security system to prevent the creation of private investment accounts: 63/32/6

*Funding embryonic stem cell research: 62/32/6

*Reducing some federal tax breaks for oil companies: 49/49/2

*Changing the rules to allow Congress to create new spending programs only if taxes are raised or spending on other programs is cut: 41/54/5

Given the support, you'll forgive us if we take a little time to do the people's business, and then the Republicans can go back to working for the top 1% and the hardcore Christians.

Incidentally, I can't understand how Pay-Go polls so poorly down there at the bottom. I guess it must be a hard issue to communicate.

(h/t Kos)

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