McCain's Surge Speech

The latest from the McCain-Lieberman Doctrine from someone who attended the American Enterprise Institute event:
2. The surge will be sustained for at least 2 years. Timelines embolden the Enemy, and so we shouldn’t set one for withdrawl. We’ve got to stay as long as it takes to “finish the mission.”
I've read elsewhere that, although McCain used to be calling for an additional 20,000, he now says that it might require more. This, combined with this call for a sustained surge is how McCain will solve his political problem. Because Bush will implement "too small a force" for "too short a time," McCain will still be able to say that "if only we had done it my way, we would have won."

You know what this means. It's time for the Committees to do their work and have hearings on whether or not it is possible to surge 40 - 50,000 troops for 2 years as McCain wants. Based on the reporting of the last year, I think we know how that inquiry will turn out.

Interestingly, at the rate people are being driven out of their homes in Iraq, the ethnic cleansers may in fact achieve an ethnically segregated Iraq, which might lead to stability. Could we be running a de facto 80% solution already? Could this stability happen before 2009? And can America bear the burden of presiding over an ethnic cleansing? Was this war worth that price?

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