I Embrace the Veto

The Democrats are rapidly passing overwhelmingly popular legislation, and President Bush is rapidly digging his ditch deeper by vowing to veto:
President Bush promised on Thursday to veto Democratic-drafted legislation requiring the government to negotiate with drug companies for lower prices under Medicare.


A survey of seniors for the Kaiser Family Foundation showed that about 81% of seniors want to let the government use its buying power to negotiate drug prices, including 67% who said they strongly favor such negotiations.
Negotiating lower drug prices is the single most popularly supported item of the 100-hour agenda, and Bush is set to veto! Remember, this is Medicare we're talking about - servicing the most reliable voting block known to man, the seasoned citizen. If you think the AARP wont take this veto up with its membership, you're dreaming.

Follow this with Stem Cell legislation:
The House commenced debate on the bill, the third piece of the Democrats' first 100 hours agenda, Thursday morning. Just hours before, however, the White House restated Bush's veto threat.
Stem Cell legislation is also hugely popular, while simultaneously putting the Democrats on the side of science once again.

This is all good for us and bad for the Republicans. It's also helping line up the '08 agenda nicely: "Vote for us and we'll sign all the stuff Bush vetoed!"

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