Democrat's New Rules Reveal Corruption

I've rooted for Jack Murtha's electoral defeat before, on the grounds that he was reportedly a corrupt Democrat. It now looks like he's in serious trouble:
More than 100 House members secured earmarks in a major spending bill for clients of a single lobbying firm — The PMA Group — known for its close ties to John P. Murtha , the congressman in charge of Pentagon appropriations.

....PMA’s offices have been raided, and the firm closed its political action committee last week amid reports that the FBI is investigating possibly illegal campaign contributions to Murtha and other lawmakers.

No matter what the outcome of the federal investigation, PMA’s earmark success illustrates how a well-connected lobbying firm operates on Capitol Hill. And earmark accountability rules imposed by the Democrats in 2007 make it possible to see how extensively PMA worked the Hill for its clients.
No wonder Murtha was opposed to the increase transparency, eh? This is what happens in the age of Obama - if you are corrupt, you will be caught regardless of political party. I love this.


Jim Ga said...

One down, so many more to go.

Shall i count them by name?

Kepler said...

Set 'em up, we'll knock them down. That's what Democrats do in the Age of Obama. :) No loyalty to party, no red legislators and blue legislators, only American legislators!