Obama Learns his Lessons

Obama on Bipartisanship:
They were pleasantly surprised and complimentary about the tax cut that were presented in that framework. Those tax cuts are still in there. I mean, I suppose what I could have done is started off with no tax cuts, knowing that I was going to want some and then let them take credit for all of them. And maybe that’s the lesson I learned.
That's what we've been saying, but Obama is too damned sincere in his desire to change Washington. Making a deal with the Republicans for votes in exchange for 35-40% tax cuts would have been a better political tactic, but it also would have been closer to business-as-usual in Washington. Obama, to his credit, started out with something that "pleasantly surprised" the Republicans.

I think he'll continue in this vein, continuing to burnish his bipartisan cred with the public, and only thwack Republicans over the head when he's in a commanding enough position.  He's not good on the attack - he's good on the counter-attack.


Jim Ga said...

Fabricating an issue about Rush Limbaugh being the leader is soooo business-as-usual in Washington. Limbaugh never made the claim, its a total fabrication. Unfortunately the willing accomplises in the press ran with it and the republicans fell into the clever trap.

Kepler said...

We've never said that Limbaugh claimed the leadership. He claims leadership of the Conservative Movement, not the Republican Party. Rush simply inserted himself into the media discussion with the wanting Obama to fail stuff, and then proceeded to have 4 national Republicans prostrate themselves to him in apology for various slights. That's what lead to the observation that Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party. Or, at the very least, he is the one Republican figure who you cannot repudiate. Sounds like the leader to me.