Military Loves Obama

Just like in the campaign, the military loves Obama:
Pentagon officials don't normally gush, but Whispers has learned that top staffers were positively enthusiastic following their first meeting with the commander in chief in the secure conference room dubbed "the Tank" recently. They were impressed by the "high-level, global-strategic" discussion and by President Obama's detailed grasp of the difficulties that face the U.S. military. Said one senior Pentagon official: "He asked a lot of really, really good questions."
I love it when the officers are on the Democrat's side.  Of course, I'd "gush" too after 8 years of dealing with President Bush, who sits like a plotted plant in his briefings, waiting for Dick Cheney to make the decision.  After all, President Bush seemed to think that his main job as President is being a cheerleader, not making hard decisions.

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